The EWE wellington boot in 5 fashion colours
Ewe Wellington Boots

The EWE boot is a luxurious wellington boot made to the highest standards. They are comfortable and dry in all conditions.  Natural rubber keeps out the wet, while the thick pile Merino sheepskin lining is fashion’s answer to ‘climate control’ for your feet.  All these quality materials are made from 100% renewable resources.

The classic design, durability and superior comfort make this wellington boot an ideal choice all year round. Suitable for outdoor pursuits as much as urban life the natural sheepskin lining insulates against the cold and also breathe when it’s warm. Even at temperatures as low as -25 degrees the silky smooth Merino sheepskin will ensure comfort and warmth (even when worn without socks).

Product information: 

Natural sheepskin has cooling properties in the summer whilst providing effective warmth in temperatures as low as -25 degrees.
The silky soft Merino fibre can be worn next to the skin.
The thick pile Merino fleece gives constant air circulation around your feet and legs; this circulating air is extremely effective at removing odour and moisture build up. No synthetic material available has matched even a fraction of the ability of Merino wool to remove moisture and odour.
Removable inner soles, essential for airing the boots.
The natural rubber construction of these wellies will warm with your body heat ensuring flexible movement and a natural fit.
The thick rubber sole has a built in foil layer to help protect against the cold. The super soft Merino wool lining is cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.
Merino sheep are farmed for their wool and not for meat, ensuring they are well looked after and making this an ethical choice of material for our wellies.

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