Take a look at what's being said about the Ewe Wellington boot.  You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.
American blogger & gardener, Rochelle discovers EWE wellies

American blogger & landscape designer, Rochelle Greayer discovers EWE wellies, see her blog Studio 'g'.

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The Independent choose their 10 Top Wellies

The Independent choose their 10 Top Wellies!  Read their review online.

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Fashion Fox recommend EWE Style wellies

"EWE Got Have These Boots!" say Fashion Fox in the Fashion Essentials section of their blog.  Thanks Fashion Fox!

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A glowing review from Yachting Monthly

This review in Yachting Monthly sums up the EWE wellies to a T! May 2013

You can click on the image to read the 'Tried and Tested' review by Jayne Toyne who has had the great idea of customising her Fern Green wellies with colourful flowers.

M.O.N.S.T.E.R. MUMMIES like EWE boots!  The Mums Online Network of Support, Trust, Encouragement and Respect feature the EWE Style wellington.
The Sunday Times Travel feature March 2013EWE Style wellies feature in The Sunday Times!

The Sunday Times Travel feature and The Sunday Times Online 31/03/2013

The model wears French Grey (click image to zoom)
EWE Style wellies on the pages of Your Perfect Garden magazine

Your Perfect Garden magazine singles out the EWE wellies for the 'We love wool lined' badge on their best wellies feature.

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EWE Style boots have been featured in the March 2013 fashion pages of The Independent website!

'Dig It Shop Front' in Gardens Illustrated

Gardening magazine Gardens Illustrated have included the stylish French Grey EWE Style wellies in 'Dig In Shop Front' of their February 2013 issue.

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Blogged by Shoewawa

Footwear blog, Shoewawa, has features the EWE boots

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Ideal Home December 2012 feature

'Make Your Home Sparkle' feature in the December 2012 issue of Ideal Home magazine - spot the wellies?

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Wannabe Wetser

Blog Wannabe Wetser couldn't help commenting on Holly Willoughby's recent outing when she wore our super wellies to keep her feet warm and dry!

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Bella Lee Fashions blog post about EWE Style wellington boots
Isabella Lee's blog Bella Lee Fashion is a teen guide to all things 'Fashion and beauty'.  I am a fashion fanatic ,on my blog I blog about the weirdest and whackiest fashions and the simplest ones too!"  Here Isabella describes our lovely warm wellies as "the Rolls Royce of Wellington Boots".  Thank you Isabella!

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Holly Willoughby watches fireworks with family

Holly Willoughby spotted at a firework diplay with her family - and what did Holly wear to keep warm? A deliciously warm pair of Cranberry coloured EWE Style wellies! 

Snapped by the Dail Mail 04/11/2012

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Holly was also noticed by Sohoblue who blog their comments here.

Lifestyle magazine Urban Life showcases the best wellies

Winter wellies in Urban Life Magazine which is a Manchester lifestyle and property magazine.

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Review from Amy at Wolf Whistle

Amy from Wolf Whistle put together this great post to celebrate the 60th anniversary release of the hit musical Singing in the Rain (spot the boots?).


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40s Chic for 40 something ladies review our sheepskin wellie boots

40s Chic is a lifestyle blog about family, health, beauty, food, travel, books and horses and aimed at women in their 40s.  The blog post talks about the luxury sheepskin Ewe wellington boots


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Home Girl London thinks the Ewe Style wellington boots are fabulous !

Home Girl London thinks our super warm wellie boots are fabulous! 19/10/12.


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Review from 55 pages

A great review from 55 Factory 55 pages!


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The people on the website Crumbs for Men like our Merino wool lined wellies

The Crumbs for Men website includes the EWE wellington boots as a potential 'Gift for Her' 09/12.


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Ewe Wellington boots feature on the shopping page of The English Garden magazine

Ewe Wellington boots feature on the shopping page of The English Garden magazine - these boots are a must for working in the garden, for walking the dog, picking up the children, bonfire night, trick or treating.... 09/12.


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Ewe Wellies feature alongside Louis Vuitton and Anthropologie in Country and Town House magazine - things we love...

Ewe Wellies feature alongside Louis Vuitton and Anthropologie on the Things We Love pages of Country and Town House magazine 09/12.


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Discover Wildlife competition

Win a pair of the lovely EWE wellies and a Springwatch British Wildlife book at Discover Wildlife - entries on their website by 15/08/2012.  SORRY this competition has ended, look out for future offers on our Facebook page.


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Marie Claire website - Festival Fashion

Festival fashion ideas on the website for Marie Claire magazine 25/06/2012


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Hollie Furniss Blogspot: Give me More
Fashion writer and designer, Hollie Furniss, gives her slant on the perfect (wet) festival outfit.  Hollie writes 'the new gorgeous EWE Style wellingtons are predicted favourites for festival goers as they are lined with a soft Merino wool which make them warm and snug during the colder and wetter English days but as the wool is a breathable fabric, they turn into cooler footwear during those rare sunny and hot temperatures' 21/06/2012


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The Times

The Ewe Boots feature in The Times Modern section of the Times newspaper 19/06/2012


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Article in the Evening Standard

Ewe Boots rub shoulders with the best of the rest in the Evening Standard 19/06/2012


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Your Horse Magazine

Ewe Boots feature in the 'What's New' section of Your Horse magazine 06/2012


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Shooting Magazine

The Shooting Times magazine include our lovely wellies on their Product News page 06/2012


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Eventing Magazine

A review of our lovely wellies in Eventing magazine 06/2012


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Competition in Wedding magazine

The Caramel coloured Ewe wellies are a luxurious choice for Winter weddings - what better for your special day!  Lucky winner Liz Cox won this pair.


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Sex & London City Blog

The fashionable frolics and faux pas of a single London socialite are documented in this colourful blog.  Amongst Nixalina's posts is this little gem about our wonderful wellie boots!


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Horse Magazine

The New Products page of Horse magazine includes the delicious Cranberry coloured Ewe wellington boots 06/2012


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Phestival blog

The Ewe Boot boot has to be the ultimate festival wellie!  Just take a look at what Jade had to say about these super warm and comfy wellies on the Phestival blog 06/2012


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Period Ideas magazine

The stylish Ewe wellington boots appear on the pages of the stylish Period Ideas magazine 05/2012.


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Twelve 52

Digital magazine Twelve52 include our wellingtons in a Fashion Feature 02/04/2012


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The Wealdon Times

It was great to see the EWE Style boots (stylish with both trousers and skirts!) included in this photo shoot in the Wealden Times 04/2012


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Good Homes magazine

The Garden Update in Good Homes magazine includes dates for diaries and great buys for outdoor space, in this issue it included the Ewe rubber wellies 03/2012


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Fashionista Barbie blog

Fashionista Barbie mentions the wonderful properties of the Ewe wellies for a second time in a blog post 12/03/2012


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The Surrey Advertiser

Ewe wellies are practical as well as pretty, the super soft lining makes them warm and comfortable and ideal for gardening.  The Merino wool lining has excellent breathability allowing air to circulate so that feet do not become hot and sweaty, even when wrapped in rubber 03/2012


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The Players Club magazine

The Players Club magazine includes the Ewe Wellingtons in their Hot List 03/2012

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Satchels & Soap Blog

Fashion and style blogspot Satchels & Soap couldn't resist mentioning our 'gorgeously glossy' wellies along with their plea to keep the rain away! 02/03/2012


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Morven - Cats and Rocking Chairs blog

Morven shares her ideas about great fashion on her blog Cats and Rocking Chairs and we're delighted that the EWE wellie boot was included in her post 'Oh Snow'.  The boots look great with shorts (festival wellies?).


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Fashionista Barbie blog

Freelance fashion journalist Danielle couldn't wait to tell everyone about our 'toasty warm' wellington boots on her blog Barbie Fashionista.  She really put the boots to test during this snowy day in February 02/2012


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The Lady magazine

A collection of Country Chic showcased the Ewe Wellington boots alongside other trendy 'must-haves' 02/2012


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The Sunday Express magazine

We were very excited when the Ewe boots appeared in The Sunday Express magazine's 'Get This!' section - the Cranberry coloured boots look stuning amongst these offerings 01/2012


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